Checking Out Ghidotti’s Value Night Deal

Shrimp Farfalle Alfredo— a $5 Thursday night bargain at Ghidotti’s in Park City.

Can you get a big bowl of pasta for just $5 in Park City, where restaurant prices are often as steep as the surrounding ski slopes? Yes, if you go to Ghidotti’s Thursday “value night.” With summer tourists gone and the ski season yet to begin, a lot of Park City restaurants offer specials and “locals nights” to fill their tables.

Kim and I decided to check out Ghidotti’s during a recent overnight getaway. We were taking advantage of Park City’s “shoulder season” hotel rates, which dip even lower on weeknights. Owned by the acclaimed Bill White Restaurant Group, Ghidotti’s high-end Italian menu has spaghetti and meatballs priced at $19. But on Thursday nights,  Kim’s spaghetti with house-made sausage, was just $5. Maybe it wasn’t as carefully crafted as the regular menu — I’ve not had the regular spaghetti before so I can’t compare.  But for $5 —  that even beats Olive Garden.

Kim’s Spaghetti with House Sausage, for $5 at Ghidotti’s.

Ghidotti’s in actually a few miles outside of Park City, in Kimball Junction’s Redstone Shopping Center.

Ghidotti’s, at the Redstone Shopping Center at Kimball Junction.

On locals night, you can’t order from the regular menu, even if you wanted to. You get  a choice of:

  • five salad/starters at either $5 or $8 each
  •  two pizzas at $8 each
  •  four pastas at $5 each
  • one dessert, $5 each

Kim and I each ordered a salad, a pasta, and the dessert, and it was a pretty nice meal for $15, especially for being in Park City.

Ghidotti’s spacious dining area has an Italian villa ambiance, with high ceilings, marble, chandeliers, and white tablecloths.

But it happened to be a nice fall evening, so we wanted to dine al fresco on the patio. Because Thursday nights are so popular, we had to wait about 20 minutes for a table, even though we arrived about 5:30 p.m. before the usual dinner rush.

Ghidotti’s squares of focaccia bread come with a thick, creamy dipping sauce.

Even though you’re dining on a discount, you still get a complimentary bread basket with squares of fragrant foccacia and a creamy dipping sauce. Our waiter said the sauce is made of roasted garlic, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, whipped together until it emulsifies into a thick creamy (and addictive) goo. Once you taste it, you’ll crave the flavor so much you’ll keep dunking the bread until it’s all gone. And you might try to lick the bowl, too. (I refrained, though.)

Shrimp Farfalle Alfredo— a $5 Thursday night bargain at Ghidotti’s in Park City.

I had the Shrimp Farfalle — bow-tie pasta cooked to al dente, with creamy Alfredo sauce blanketing plump shrimp and sauteed spinach. The portions were satisfying, but not so huge that you’d have leftovers to take home.

Dessert- Chocolate Cannoli at Ghidotti’s.

For dessert we each ordered what our waiter called a chocolate cannoli. Several of my Italian friends saw my photo and insisted that this is NOT a “real” cannoli. Authentic or not, it was decadently delicious, filled with sweet chocolate cream.

Altogether, this was not a meal for carb-cutters, nor for those counting calories. But it was a good splurge for just $15.

The only oddity of the night was that our waiter kind of disappeared. After finishing our dessert and waiting a good 20 minutes for our check, we went to the front desk and asked the hostess if we could get it. She managed to find our waiter and retrieved it for us.  I guess Thursday nights get crazy busy.

According to the Bill White Restaurant Group website, Ghidotti’s Thursday night value night will end after Nov. 16.  So if you want to check it out, better hurry.





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