Ogden Student Wins Breakfast Essay Contest and Gets to Visit a Farm

Ogden second-graders will get to take a tour of Gibson Green Acres Farm in west Ogden, thanks to a winning essay on the importance of eating a good breakfast.

An Ogden second grader wrote about her winning breakfast game plan, winning the Dairy Council of Utah/Nevada‘s essay contest,  “How Eating Breakfast Helps Me Play at the Top of My Game.”

The Dairy Council of Utah/Nevada and the Utah Jazz  Dancers announced the contest at the New Bridge School as part of National School Breakfast Week. Her winning essay earns her entire second grade class a field trip to a local dairy farm — Gibson Green Acres — where they will learn more about where food comes from.

Genesis Gonzalez wrote,  “Breakfast helps me read so that I wouldn’t get tired…so I could read twenty or more minutes and it can help me understand what the book is about.”

Gonzales also believes that breakfast helps give her energy to be a good sister to her little brother.

Research shows that children who eat breakfast are more likely to reach higher levels of achievement in reading and math, have better concentration, and maintain a healthy weight.

On Wednesday, March 29 the students will board a bus to Gibson Green Acres, where they will be joined by the Jazz Bear and hosted by dairy farmer, Ron Gibson. Dairy farming has been in Ron’s family for six generations, and he is passionate about engaging people – showing them his cows, his farm and where local milk comes from.

Jenn Harrison, CEO of the Dairy Council of Utah/Nevada says, “One of our primary goals at Dairy Council is to share the dairy farmer story. This farm tour is a great opportunity to offer a fun, out-of-the-ordinary experience that provides young children with a much-needed connection between agriculture and good nutrition. We are thrilled to be working with the Gibsons, the  Jazz Organization and New Bridge School to make this happen.”