Soldier Hollow Classic Sheepdog Championship – Ticket Giveaway

Have you ever been to the Soldier Hollow Classic Sheepdog Championship in Midway? Here’s a chance to win two tickets to go to the trials this weekend, Sept. 1-4.

Because I just received an email asking if I’d like to give away two tickets on my blog, and because I’m going to be working tomorrow and won’t have much of a chance to conduct a contest, I’m just saying that the FIRST PERSON who leaves me a comment will be the winner!

So please be sure that you’ll actually be able to use them before posting a comment!  Don’t win the tix and then head off to Disneyland for the Labor Day weekend.

Here’s a description of what you’ll see:

Come to Soldier Hollow and see the world’s most highly trained dogs (border collies) and their handlers test themselves on Soldier Hollow’s Olympic Hillside.  Working up to 400 yards from their handler these dogs must work with precision and gather wild range Rocky Mountain ewes, bringing them down the mountainside along a preset course and through free standing gates.  All the while the sheep have other ideas about how things out to progress (there is drama)!  It all ends in front of the stands where the dog must separate certain sheep from others and then place the sheep in a small pen.  The work is judged for quality and care of the sheep and must be completed in just 13 minutes.  It has a beauty and intensity that is captivating!

Just a reminder:  Spectator dogs are not allowed.  Service and seeing eye dogs welcomed.

Ready, set, go!

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