What’s your favorite family recipe? Guest Post from Evalogue.Life

Summer reunions and parties often bring back memories of favorite family recipes. Here’s a guest post from my friends at Evalogue.Life about food memories.

What are your favorite family recipe and why? What food takes you home? This is just one example of many family interview questions that stick.

Rocky Road fudge. When Steve Rockwood, CEO of FamilySearch thinks of this treat, he can almost taste home. When he was in a faraway land on his LDS Mission a few decades ago – he dreamed of the stuff, especially at Christmas. That’s why when his mother sent it to him with love, but it didn’t arrive until two months after Christmas, he picked the mold off and ate in anyway – best rocky road fudge he ever ate. The recipe was a family favorite – passed down from his grandma to his mother and now it is a family favorite in his own family.

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What’s your rocky road fudge? What is your family recipe that is home in your mouth? That morsel that the second you eat it, all the feelings of love, deliciousness and family tradition flash into your mind like a warm blanket on a winter’s night? When Rockwood told this story at RootsTech last February in his keynote address, several recipes popped into my head. Rockwood gave us the chance to share with our neighbor – a fellow journalist whom I had never met. We swapped favorites without hesitation. I immediately talked about olikooken, a dutch donut recipe brought to the Americas by great grandmother’s family from Holland. I described the smell and the feelings around the time of year that we make it – Christmas. My partner talked about a chicken salad her grandma had made. Before we knew it, we were talking about our grandmas and how much we loved and missed them. Even though we didn’t know each other before Rockwood’s speech began, we now have this connection from family recipes. So imagine the connection you could feel with family you already know or only know a little – with family recipes.

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What’s your fave recipe? Family interview questions that stick.

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