“Southern Vegetables” Cookbook Winner: Corinne Hoffmann

Congratulations to Corinne Hoffmann, winner of “Mastering the Art of Southern Vegetables” by Nathalie Dupree and Cynthia Graubart.

Last week I asked the question: If you had to choose one veggie to eat exclusively every day for the rest of your life, what would it be? I did a prize drawing of all the responses, and Corinne’s name was the winner.

As for the veggie she could eat every day forever, she wrote, “I love most vegetables, so this would be a hard choice. I love green beans, but they’d be hard to hide in other dishes, same with my beloved beets. So, I’m thinking it would have to be zucchini or spinach.”

Some of the other veggie-loving comments, which  would inspire anyone to get their 5-a-Day of produce:

“I would like to try making myself sick of asparagus! It hasn’t happened yet! I can always eat carrots (cooked and raw and I recently tried roasted and pan-fried, both good, and tempura, mmmm!). Ditto onions, broccoli, cauliflower (I love it to death), beets, green beans (is anything tastier than haricots verts?), peas, and summer squash. I might be able to eat summer squash sautéed in a little butter with onions and parsley every day for the rest of my life. Or tomatoes. You’re one million percent right about them. And I’m assuming we’re not counting potatoes, because otherwise they’d probably blow everything else away.” — Stacey Kratz

“I love white asparagus with a white sauce and hard cooked eggs on top. Served with mashed potatoes and ham.” — Ron and Rita Winmill

“Vidalia or any big sweet onion…You can slice and dice them a hundred different ways, cook them a hundred different ways; from sautéing for egg dishes, to frying for beef, to boiling in soup or stew, to eating raw on twenty kinds of sandwiches thin sliced or thick. Truly a versatile vegetable.” — Bruce Tracy

“Onions. Or avocado.” — Judy Walker

Thanks everyone for playing along. I’ll be doing another cookbook giveaway in May.

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