Biggest Loser: Sneak Peek at Final Episodes of “Glory Days”

Matt Miller, who lives in Layton, Utah, is shown competing on "The Biggest Loser."
Matt Miller of  Layton, Utah, still has a chance to win the eliminated contestants’ $100,000 prize on “The Biggest Loser.”

There are only four more episodes of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser: Glory Days” leading up to the finale on Thursday, January 29. 

As viewers celebrate the holidays in the cold, we last saw the contestants working out on the beaches of lush Hawaii. According to an NBC press release, here’s a sneek peek at what we’ll be seeing in the New Year:

The last episode in Kauai airs on New Year’s Day, January 1, with contestants celebrating the New Year by facing their fears, island-style, and competing in a Lacrosse-inspired challenge before returning to the ranch for a red-line elimination.

Then it’s time for the makeover episode airing Thursday, January 8, with fashion expert Tim Gunn and celebrity hair stylist Ken Paves helping transform the four remaining ranch contestants. They are reunited with their loved ones on a downtown rooftop overlooking Los Angeles, with a surprise live performance of Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Gavin DeGraw’s hit single, “Fire.”

Scott Mitchell competes on "The Biggest Loser."
Scott Mitchell is currently fighting his way back from elimination on “The Biggest Loser.” Can he do it?
Scott Mitchell, former NFL player from Mapleton, Utah.
Scott Mitchell, former NFL player from Mapleton, Utah.

Meanwhile, the two eliminated players at Comeback Canyon enjoy their own makeovers and reunions with loved ones. This takes place separate from the main group, who don’t know that Comeback Canyon even exists. But they will soon find out, because this episode’s weigh-in winner will be the one making a surprise return to the ranch with trainer Bob Harper, and securing a spot as a finalist.

January 15 marks Bob’s stunning return to the ranch with his Comeback Canyon player, ready to re-join the competition.  It’s a game-changing surprise for the ranch contestants, who don’t know that Bob is even part of the current season. The four contestants left are excited to see their former teammate again, but fiercely determined to stay in the competition.

The “Today” show’s lifestyle and fitness correspondent, Jenna Wolfe, will be a guest trainer on January 22, putting the contestants through an intense workout during their final week on the ranch.  Then contestants watch their journeys and see just how far they’ve come since stepping on the ranch over four months earlier.  Later, at a weigh-in where the stakes are higher than ever, the final four become the final three.

Finally, on January 29, in a two-hour, live finale from 8-10 p.m. ET, all of the former athletes in the season 16 cast return to weigh in one last time.  Those who have been eliminated will compete for the $100,000 “at home” prize.  Then one of the three finalists will be named this season’s “Biggest Loser” and win the coveted grand prize of $250,000.

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